Everyday is a new day

Assalamualaikum sahabat-sabat semoga diberi kesihat dan Rahmat daripadaNya

Tommorow might be full of journey to me.

  1. Firstly my firm had been given a task regarding the Divorce Petition. Alhamdulilah with the help of my friend Taqiah we managed to a divorce petition with the templates that she did given to me
  2. The final law students from UKM will come to my University. i have friends form Asasian's Uitm from Ukm..Thus with help of my cousin she will send her DSLR camera UUM tommorow..
  3. Then goes to Padang Besar tomorrow with Final Year student UKM
  4. Night event at uum :)
Ya Allah mohon semuanya dipermudahkan :)

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