My life has been very hectic lately. Well, not too sure either still have a life or not. me pretty much being a robot for the past 1 month not being myself… too much thing to be done, too much thinking.. a lot of stuffs going on my mind honestly, it’s not easy to be a new person.

       By forgetting everything(its hard) to be a student in the day time ,hectic schedule from 10am-5.00pm plus with night class (5 subject law) - is really exhausting. 

      Really need to be more scheduled in my daily life. rite now - i’m killing myself… not been having enuf sleep, not been having proper rest..

     How I wish I could ran away from all these … just for a moment so could be a normal person again but I cant this is the crucial moment of my life.. my life is just starting and I need to give the best attention I could my study is my baby rite now… just an infant still learning… still need to be baby feed everyday.. luckily i have my frens around me who keep me going strong everyday telling me that everything will be ok and someday everything will be just great I’m praying to God that I’ll be successful in both field I’m doing for the timebeing..

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