Friday,March 11 2011

Alhamdulilah, currently i safely at home..yet never been argued, no place like home Kuala Lumpur..i keep thinking what should i do after my last paper of final examinations as the law students at uum. Should i strictly go to chambering or do my several attachment at legal firm..or just take a deep breath relaxing,going to holiday, spends more time at home...?
Actually i was  thinking to do something that can build up my level of confidence especially in term of communication skills either in Bahasa or English.
There are situations that strongly made up my argument that i having the lowest credibility as professional persons in one day when there are too many grammar mistake during my memorial submission last month.So i have decided to go several English centre or any workshops that can build up my skills of communication. This is because i believe that when we having a good communication skills, its easier for me to get rub shoulders with other people. i Remembered in the movie entitle "the pursuit of Happyness" when of the actor stated that "to be succeed its not only u having a good characteristic but u must also should have a good number of people"..
Here its some centre that i search that might be suitable for me...

Here its part of my argument that i put forword on why we should learnt English.


English is the most widely spoken language in the world in terms of the number of speakers. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many English speakers there are, but according to one estimate there are more than 350,000,000  English speakers and more than 400,000,000 speakers of English as a second language that has been used in everyday life. As the rapid changes in world, Malaysia has encouraged their citizens to learn and have a good command of English. There are many reasons why Malaysian should master this language.

First and foremost, in our system of education, students need to learn English as the second language besides their mother tongue. The aim is to provide strong foundation of English language before they end their high school or before they enter into the workforce or joining the labor force upon their graduation. Besides that,  Mathematics and Science in English that was introduced in schools four years ago is the best steps taken by the Ministry of Education to  make sure that student are familiar with the English language. If the student can grasp fast and have enough basic foundation they can understand more in class and never doubt that they can get flying colours and better chances to enter university.

In addition, English has developed to become the language of knowledge. People of all walks of life must bear in mind that when they enter the higher education which is in university or colleges the medium of instruction is English. For instance in University Technology Mara (UiTM).All the lectures and tutorials are being conducted in English language. Besides that, the same atmosphere also happens if individuals continue their study overseas. They will face difficulties to cope with the subject that they learn if they do not have good command of English language. The future graduates also need to do a lot of research to complete their assignments or thesis. As we all know, most of today's references such as books, manuals, medical or technical skills, law review, journals and news use English. Therefore, we have to master the English language.

Moreover, to be able to get promoted, which is the most crucial part in our life to achieve our dreams and to get higher salary that have same value with our certificate, people must have be proficiency in the language. No doubt there are stiff competition to get job especially in the private sector. We have found that many of our graduates are unable to effectively compete for jobs due to the lack of proficiency in English. A background in English gives someone the power to present themselves as the best candidate when seeking for a  job. So, if we have good command of English language, it build up confidence and it is shown during the interview which will give good impression to the future employer. Next when individuals are hired, they will be evaluated on the strength of performance as a junior manager, not the grades that we got in college. It will make us an attractive candidate to any employer.

English is also a most widely used in international business, diplomacy, and the official language, of many international organizations, including the United Nations and many professional organizations. It is frequently the language of international conferences too. Throughout the world, many professional papers are published in English. Even papers that are published in other languages often have abstracts in English. Because of that reasons our country which has made tremendous progress, particularly in its economic development since Independence needs changing trends will only enable countries to move ahead and develop through the acquisition of a knowledge-based economy. To achieve this, we need people who keep abreast with the latest information, technology, and skills. So it can be stressed again that English is the language that will enable us to acquire knowledge and information. And, it is not only knowledge or information that will make a difference but also the speed at which the information is acquired and acted upon which prove just as crucial to our survival.

Besides that, technology has become part and parcel in this world. Technology provides information and current issues or entertainment. English is commonly used as a medium for the communication of information and news. Three quarters of all telex messages and telegrams are sent in English. In addition, computer data are processed and stored in English and most satellite communication is carried out in English. Moreover, more than half of the newspapers published in the world, are published in English language. Even in many countries where English is a minority language, there is at least one English. In India alone, there are three thousand magazines published in English. In most countries, television news is broadcast in English. Because of the power of television, demonstrators in every country use signs printed in English for the benefit of the international press.

On the other hand, there are many assumption that the widely uses of English as the second language in our country will be given bad effect to the Malay language that is the main language in our country. For example, in school students are given more attention to the English subject compared to the Malay language. Their intention in studying Malay language is because it is compulsory to all students to pass their exam, not because they love or proud to use Malay language as their major language. Soon, Malaysia will lose their identity as the citizen of Malaysia. This false assumption should be avoid. It is because, as the multi racial society, Malaysia have to be practical that Malaysia will not lose their identity because of implementation of English language in our country.

In conclusion, as we have seen, English is a widely used language and in the world today. It is used for everything from international academic conferences to news reports to popular music lyrics.. Even though there are minority of people in Malaysia disagree to the idea that English as second language, we can’t deny that, it is the most widely used language in the world, and it will be used by more people in the future.

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