Family Law Day UUM 2011

3rd APRIL,2011

Date: 1st APRIL 2011
Location : Padang Kachi,UUM Sintok Kedah
Organized by:11thGeneratioN of LLB UUM.

Semangat kan!!!i created this at 3am in the morning!!!

Assalamualaikum..Alhamdulilah on 1st april, one sweets moment created.THE FAMILY LAW DAY.
What a nice moments when u see the juniors and Seniors had mixed around with  spirits of  sport itself.For this semesterfamily lawday,each of the members of law society willlbe divided into their own rumah sukan.Me myself had been selected to be a Whites group.Yup..we lose actually only win 1 games which is bawa bola pingpong dalam sudu.. hehe...btw ireally enjoys this moments.So lets Picture spoke.

My Team-The Whites

The Grenades-Num2

Me with all alone ok..

Others JUniors.I didnt join this games coz im afraid of my previous knee injured.but they did well :)

The Winners!!they deserve it!!sgt bersemangat okies :)

Okies we are in last place 4th.hahahha...

But we are still happiest-ayat cover hehe
Happy :)

ok Lan nice try!!hehhe

Big Family

Here's teh thing.Despite others teams are enjoying their prize and their winning we are in one team planned to spoil them with this ballon in our hands..hehe good job the whites...!!!

As usual..this group will be 2nd place after the whole memories day..

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