Endless Memories

9th June,2011

Assalamualaikum...In the middle of the night I just wanna to share you guys a lyric that I wrote around 2 years ago...I wrote this as it reminds me someone that I love...so enjoice!!

Endless Memory
Should I say?
Should I plead not to give me any more sorrow?
As I sit here today waiting for a beautiful tomorrow

It’s deeply hurt
When the days passed by without you
To be stand here
Just to keep me from thinking of you
I look around my room and everything I see reminds me of you

Somewhere in my dreams tonight
I'll see you standing there
holding my small little hand.
Whispering , "I won't go out far."
Accidents happen, that's what they all say.
That's why you are gone, so far away.

And you left
Away from my grief
Away from my love
Away from the world.

And its Nothing but endless pain I feel
Must I go through this torment?
and all I wish now,
Could we have a better goodbye?
I hope these broken pieces will come to an end,
Until the day we meet again,
Because I can’t bear endless pain I feel
I pray that you are now at peace
Goodbye my endless memory…

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