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26 June,2011

Assalamualaikum Readers,Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Peace and Blessings be upon Muhammad, His Apostle, the constant bearer of good tidings and the constant warner to the whole of mankind. 

"Wanita yang solehah (baik) itu lebih baik daripada 1.000 lelaki yang soleh."

This is my First time joined contest/groups makes by coolest blogger Dunia Ayu. I found it as the interesting idea which makes all the malays girl gathered together and shared all common interest,opinions and thoughts.

In Malaysia, when we talked about Malay's women/girls it is directly  refers to Muslim or Muslimah. Barakallah,such a beautiful and most precious blessing from Allah to be born as a Muslim. 
According to Article 160(2) of the Federal Constitution, a person is “Malay” if she or he satisfies the following four requirements:
must be Muslim;

speaks the Malay language habitually;

follows Malay adat; and,

was born in Malaya or in Singapore before Merdeka Day, or is descended from at least one parent who was born in Malaya or in Singapore before Merdeka Day.
In the Federal definition, there is no requirement that one must be of Malay stock. Non-Malays who satisfy the four requirements will be deemed to be Malays. A convert to Islam may qualify as a Malay.

I do belief that all blogger s are actually should have responsibilities benefits other,istiqomah in dakwah and make such campaign or whatever sorta as it could benefits all Muslim in the Worlds. A small steps can change the worlds on how does a muslim should think and behave as according to syara'.

One of the Campaign I found it interesting

Final says I do congrats Dunia Ayu for this kind of campaingn or ideas. I wish u all the best and Istiqomah in Dakwah.. Allah bless u..

I tagged this groups to my beloved sister : zainurulHafizza

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  1. accepted! thanks for your supportive comments towards my campaign... and thanks for join my campaign...:p

  2. qudwa says:

    gud luck yo...

    yg laki xde la...

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