This is Part of My Life

20th June 2011

Seorang Hamba Allah yang dilahirkan dimukabumi ini..dan pastinya ada Hikmah atas penciptaanya, sebagaimana penciptaan Adam dan Hawa.

In every single days of my life Im trying to be the better persons than yesterday and yet I still imperfect for an eyes of some other persons. It something that I can never denied that my heart as weak as no one can imagine. I easily to cry no matter what happens. This is because,cried,the sadness,hatred,broken,despair is the only my best friends during my childhood. Alhamdulilah no matter happens in past i managed to complete my studies,my Law foundations,my LLB degree and now waiting for calling any firm for me to undergone the pupillage and Insyallah by the next year I can be Advocates and Solicitor of Malaya.

But at this moment of my life I felt all alone,felt like an empty bottles,no one could understands on how my heart crying over the time and there's no ears to heard my my mind mumbling around. Yes am such a loser.Been betray and hatred by my used to my BFF at my campus life for something unknown reasons, and again, im all alone.

ThankYou Allah for Never Ending Love to me...Because You never let me walk alone. Thankyou for your gives of Health,Iman dan Taqwa..

And again..This is part of my life is called introduced my self..

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