After almost 7 years..

Tuesday, 23rd April 2012


I received a text from my classmate Zuwahir, invitation for her engagement day. Alhamdulilah Im so happy for her. Then quickly i post it to our private page at FB 4N & 5N  SMWM2. What a suprise I received positive responds from my classmate that they are interested to celebrate the day with zuwahir.

I posted it to FB 95 cOMMENTS marked the history

On 15 Mei 2012 , marked a day, all the memories , laughing surrounded the day.  What we know is we did miss each others and I came to realized that they are truly friends until the end..

At Zuwahir's house. At this time still waiting for zuwahir
With Zuwahir

From Left: me,Azwa,Shereen,Dilla,Balqis & Farra

Love u guys so much

At  Baskin Robbin Midvally after Zuwahir E-DAY


Congratulation wahir..Im so happy for you

4N & 5N


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  1. tuan punyer badan bile lagi :)

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