End of my Chambering Life

 Saturday, 14 April 2012

Assalamualaikum.. Remember my previous post click here

Alhamdulilah..I have completed my chambering on 07 April 2012.
All sweat, tears,up and down accompanied me in every single days. Obviously my utmost gratitude goes to Allah,my parents,my sibling especially my sister and brother in law who did sacrifice a lot and be guardian to me for the past 9 month.
My Brother in law, Abdul Basit & My sister

I do remember as soon as I finished my Final Exam, I had send few resume to any firm around Klang Valley. I did undergone several interviews, I did manage to get a place on my very first interview, but  too much politics cases handle by that firm,had made my mind  not to choose that firm. Then I did undergone 1 place, very nice master but the allowance did affected me not to choose that firm. Yes, I do agree that the learning process its much important but can you imagine, you are working in the middle of Kuala Lumpur and you had paid less than RM$$$ without any additional allowance and EPF?

During that time, I  became more anxiousness about my future when my friends already have a place to starts their chambering. Till one fine night I did send my resume randomly to several firm. Alhamdulilah there is 1 firm did reply my email and asking to come to the office and attend the interview.

I do remember that the day, My brother send me to the interview and waiting patiently outside the firm. 

My brother Firdaus

After undergone a minutes of interview for about half an hour, my master said "could you come on Monday" and obviously I said yes. The day also I meet up Nurul, the other chambering students who just start her day as chambering students.


My journey begins when I had filed my petitions at Kuala Lumpur High Court on 07.April 2011. The ironic is, one fine day during my childhood, I was with my mom crossing the highway as heading to segambut. I did ask my mom 

"Me: Ma, nampak tak bangunan yang tinggi tu,cantik la,mcm ala-ala kat morroco and arabic punya bangunan untuk ape eah bangunan tue?
Mama: Yup, mayb for kompleks kerajaan kot"
My life just begins...

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  1. so sweet...i love this guy...Firdaus...hahaha

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